In a wide range of situations, the rewards of lake netting in France are visible and immediate. Lake netting has many benefits and can play a vital role in achieving optimum stock levels.

The Bigot team has years of experience in lake netting and uses a wide range of nets and other specialised equipment to provide a reliable and effective service.

each fish is checked

each fish is weighed

each fish is recorded

each lake is safely Netted


Work process



For a full stock check each fish can be weighed and recorded – that’s crucial information for feeding programmes and stocking plans. Nuisance fish can be removed, greatly improving the quality of the fishing. Small carp can be removed, increasing average fish size. Fish can be micro-chipped during the lake netting process for future monitoring and tracking.



Netting a lake safely and effectively requires specialised equipment and skilled handling. With an array of equipment and techniques at its disposal, the team can net lakes across a broad range of sizes and layouts. Some lakes are partially drained but the vast majority can be netted with little or no lowering of the water level. In skilled hands virtually all of the fish in a lake can be netted.


customer advice

A refund on any small fry and other silver fish is often possible and the value of this can be deducted from the cost of the netting.

With their extensive knowledge of the industry, the Bigots are always happy to provide advice to lake owners on any aspect of lake netting.

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